What is Hydroponics?

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a faster, cleaner, safer, more sustainable form of agriculture that doesn’t use soil to hold the roots in place.

This allows for water to flow directly over the root system creating an ideal growing condition resulting in never sprayed, nutrient rich results!

Is it Sustainable?

Hydroponics uses a closed-loop water system that uses 80% less water than traditional farms. In a 500sqft space, close to 4000 heads of lettuce can be grown which eliminates the need for acres and acres of land and resources. These hydroponic farms can be optimal for the local markets and small communities across Canada!

Is this the future?

Vertical Growing is the way of the future. With minimum space and maximum production this, grow anywhere, year-round model is becoming more popular and more needed across the world.

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